Slip and fall cases are prevalent in the state of California. Below we explain some aspects that you need to know if you suffer from this type of injury. The term “slip or fall” is used for a personal injury case in which a person slips or trips and is injured on someone else’s property.

These accidents usually happen in properties or facilities maintained by another person, and it is that owner who is considered legally responsible for the accident. For this reason, public or private facilities strive to eliminate any hazard that an accident may cause. Some of the hazardous conditions in facilities include poor lighting, poorly laid or torn carpets, narrow or poorly constructed staircases, cracks in the floor or walls, wet surfaces or floors.

These types of injuries can cause injuries of all kinds, minor, severe, or even fatal. As a result, one of the most frequently asked questions in these cases is, Who was at fault?

Each case depends on whether the property owner acted carefully to avoid accidents or whether the person was careless by not seeing or avoiding the condition that caused him/her to fall. Attorneys will first need to determine if the accident was caused by a dangerous situation that the owner knew about and did not amend. For this, some questions must be answered: Did the owner/possessor create the condition? Did the owner/possessor know that the condition existed and negligently did not correct it? Did the condition exist for so long that the owner/possessor should have discovered it and corrected it before the slip and fall incident in question?

If the person suffered an accident on commercial, residential, or government property, they could generate claims for these cases.

Remember that personal injury laws vary from state to state. Contact an experienced legal team to guide you through your compensation claim process.

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