Our main objective is to fight for the well-being of our clients. For many of them, the most significant concern is being able to maintain legal status in the United States and thus ensure a better life for their loved ones. Here are some legal factors that will be of great help to you in your immigration process.

First of all, it is vital to be clear about the concept of immigration. Immigration is the act of entering a country with the intention of permanently living and/or working there. However, US immigration laws also cover entry into the country for any other purpose. For example, entry for temporary stays such as tourism or study. Like other legal processes, immigration processes are usually a bit complex due to the regulations of the laws and the required documentation.

The immigration system in the US is primarily set up to grant immigration status based on factors such as family reunification, in-demand job skills, and capital investment. The immigration system also covers refugees and asylum seekers and provides a “lottery” for an immigration status to people with less urgent immigration needs. The procedure to obtain legal immigrant status will depend, among other factors, on which path you are eligible to follow based on your employment, education, and family situation. Above all, remember that, as in any legal process, it is vital to be honest when filling out the forms and meeting the due dates of the documentation.

For these legal processes, we recommend that you have an attorney who will fight for you every step of the way and who will try to achieve the best possible results for you and your loved ones. The attorneys and staff at Berjis Myers are committed to regularly updating and keeping our clients informed because we understand how stressful immigration cases can be.

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